How to seek monetary judgment after brain injuries in Louisiana

brain injuries

Learning that a medical doctor or other hospital staff member has been negligent in the care provided for a loved one can be a very frustrating experience. When situations in Louisiana result in brain injuries, families may experience anger in the devastating aftermaths of such incidents. It is understandable that those involved should desire justice against those whose substandard care led to debilitating injuries.

While some brain injuries may be considered mild to moderate, many more are quite serious and often necessitate life-long living assistance for those who suffer. Depending on individual circumstances, a victim of medical malpractice who has suffered brain injury may be left in such a state that self-feeding, speaking, walking or typical daily functioning is no longer possible. Many parents have cried countless tears as they watch their children, once healthy and active, become paralyzed or fixed in completely dependent states of existence.

The law protects victims of brain injuries caused by the negligence of others. In cases of minor aged children, a parent or legal guardian may pursue monetary judgments against any and all possible sources of liability. In addition to claiming medical expenses, damages often include emotional pain and suffering, loss of potential future earnings and court costs.

Brain injuries caused by medical negligence generally have immediate and long-term adverse effects in the lives of victims and their families. To begin the process of filing a civil claim in Louisiana, a concerned parent or guardian may contact an experienced medical malpractice attorney for guidance. This is typically the first logical step to take to investigate a particular situation and seek help in determining the maximum amount of compensation that may be available in a successfully litigated claim.