Alleged nursing negligence grounds for woman’s civil claim

Many elderly persons in Louisiana and other areas appear to be at risk for personal injury when they entrust themselves to the care of staff members in some of the nation’s medical centers. In a recent situation, criminal charges were filed against a male nursing assistant. The woman named as a victim in that case has filed a nursing negligence claim against the medical center in connection with the same incident.

The 87-year-old woman is seeking $1 million in damages against the medical facility, citing negligence in allowing a man to work there who had known past as a sexual abuser. The woman’s claim states that administration knew it was not safe to leave the worker alone with elderly women. The 34-year-old employee was charged with several first-degree sexual crimes against the woman.

A police sergeant said there are several other potential victims who may have been harmed by the same man. No further details were provided, however, as the investigation remains ongoing. Damages listed in the woman’s claim include pain, vulnerability, fear, betrayal and embarrassment. The male accused of assaulting her was in charge of helping elderly patients tend to their hygiene.

When criminal charges are filed against a person in Louisiana, evidence from such cases may be used to substantiate civil claims associated with the same incidents. Personal injury attorneys often bring in expert witnesses to testify to the severity and cause of victims’ injuries. Any person who believes nursing negligence has caused them physical or emotional trauma may consider filing a civil claim to seek monetary recovery of their losses.

Source:, “Patient files $1 million suit against Providence alleging negligence in sex abuse investigation“, Rebecca Woolington, Sept. 20, 2016