Birth injuries: Louisiana parents may pursue legal action

Parents in Louisiana and throughout the nation are often devastated when their childbirth experiences become tragedies due to medical errors. Birth injuries often result in serious permanent damage to infants. Many such instances are entirely preventable and are caused by negligence.

Parents may be understandably frustrated and angry when the birth of their child goes from being a joyful time to one akin to a nightmare. One couple recently filed a lawsuit against two physicians whom they claim were negligent during their daughter’s birth. She suffered permanent brain damage and now lives with a condition known as cerebral palsy.

Apparently, the mother’s uterus had ruptured at some point before the child was delivered by c-section, and the parents say the physicians should have recognized that the baby was in distress prior to that moment. The recent legal claim is one of several that have been reported against the same medical center. In fact, between 2012 and 2014, there have been at least five serious incidents, with two infant fatalities.

Birth injuries obviously evoke strong emotions from parents who may feel that a medical team has failed them. Parents in Louisiana may consult with a medical malpractice lawyer in order to seek compensation for damages in court. An experienced attorney can investigate the situation to help identify all possible sources of liability; furthermore, he or she can enlist others to add testimonies to help confirm the legitimacy of a claim. A successfully litigated case can provide monies that can help pay medical bills and other expenses associated with a malpractice incident.

Source:, “Lawsuit against Cooley Dickinson claims botched childbirth“, Michael Majchrowicz, March 24, 2016