Common Legal Cases in the Summertime: Watch Out for These Risks

Common Legal Cases in the Summertime Watch Out for These Risks

Summertime is full of sunshine, family barbecues, vacations, camping, late nights with friends, and more. Many of us are much more physically active during these months as well. Longer days and increasing our activity outdoors and away from our homes put us each at an increased risk for injury. It’s a good idea to educate yourself on some of the most common legal cases in the summertime so that you can stay alert and mindful of your surroundings, even during those summer relaxation days ahead of you!

It doesn’t matter what you’re doing this summer – going on a great vacation or staying home and working on your landscaping and enjoying BBQs and concerts with family and friends. Either way, taking measures to keep yourself and your family safe will pay off.

Common Legal Cases in the Summertime

Many potential legal cases can arise during the summer. Some lawsuits you’ve probably thought of, but others you may still need to consider. Watching out for these risks can help you avoid getting hurt as well as the legal cases that could follow.

Boating Accidents

Boating is a favorite pastime for many. Unfortunately, boating accidents are plentiful in the summertime. Some boaters have experience with a boat, while others don’t. The problem is that you never know who you’re dealing with until it’s too late.

As far as common legal cases in the summertime, the boat driver is most often held liable, especially if reckless driving is present. Alcohol comes into play quite often in boating accidents as well. Driving under the influence is dangerous on the water, not just on the road.

Be smart, especially when you’re driving. Be conservative with how much space you give to others around you, and make sure that everyone is wearing lifejackets when on the boat.

If you have been hurt from a boating accident and your injuries were due to someone else’s fault, contact an attorney as soon as possible to get legal help from the start.

Wave Runners and Other Water-Related Accidents

Wave runners and jet skis are popular water sports that can be extremely dangerous when in the wrong hands. Often, those driving wave runners like to follow boats to jump in their wake. Speeding and riding too close to others, including boats, can be deadly.

Drownings are another water-related accident that occurs far too much each summer. Kids think they can swim on their own and if they aren’t being watched carefully, can slip into the pool, lake, or ocean without anyone even noticing.

Use your best judgment when driving a watercraft of any kind. Limiting your alcohol intake and taking extra precautions to watch out for friends, family, and especially kids that could be struggling in the water could pay off big.

Car Accidents

So many more people are on the road during the summer, driving to their vacation destination or visiting family. Often these roads are unfamiliar, and as people rush back and forth to different activities, family get-togethers, and more, the situation can become dangerous.

Give yourself extra time to get to your activities so that you don’t get frustrated and resort to speeding or other reckless driving. Patience will also go a long way as you make your way through extra traffic – car or pedestrian.

Motorcycle and ATV Accidents

Cruising down the road on your motorcycle or getting on the trail with your ATV is fantastic! An accident can happen fast, ending all the fun in an instant. Driving motorcycles and ATVs responsibly will help ensure that you stay safe. Others driving recklessly can put you at risk for injury. All you can do is drive safely and watch out for other drivers.        

Bicycle and Pedestrian Collisions

All the bikes and running shoes are coming out for the summer and taking on the roads. As you get in your car this summer, pay extra attention to everyone on the road.

If you’re a biker or pedestrian, take extra precautions. Wear reflective vests/clothing so that you are easily seen. Obey the laws and watch for others, especially cars that aren’t looking out for bikers or pedestrians.

Slips and Falls

Water on the ground around the pool, parties, and gatherings late at night where there’s not optimal lighting around, and even wearing flip-flops can cause accidental slips and falls. Attending gatherings at other people’s homes that you’re unfamiliar with, especially if flooring or sidewalk/patios are in disrepair, can be a huge tripping hazard. It can be very easy to accidentally trip and fall if you’re not watching where you walk.

Trampoline Injuries

The safety of trampolines has improved so much over the years with added netting and padding, but injuries still happen quite quickly. Kids are sent to the Emergency Room with broken bones and, even worse, paralysis. These injuries range from mild to completely life-changing.

There are ways to reduce the risk of injuries on a trampoline, including limiting the number of kids allowed on the tramp at one time is a great start. Also, not allowing small children to jump at the same time as larger kids is a good idea.

Injured and Need Help?

No matter how careful you try to be, the risk of being involved in some type of accident – big or small is inevitable. The important thing to know is where to turn when you or a loved one sustain injuries, especially due to another person’s negligence or laziness.

If one of these common legal cases in the summertime happens to you, give Gainsburgh, Benjamin, David, Meunier & Warshauer, L.L.C. a call at (504) 522-2304. The sooner you call, the sooner our trusted attorneys can take the stress of all legal concerns and compensation for your injuries off your plate. We will take care of everything so you can concentrate on healing and living the life you love.