Common Personal Injury Risks on Thanksgiving Day

The holidays are on their way! With all the hustle and bustle and a “to-do” list a mile long, not many are thinking about the personal injury risks involved with holiday celebrations and get-togethers. But it’s good to keep an eye on such things. Be aware of the increased injury risks during this time of year so that you can do your best to stay safe and enjoy your friends and family throughout the holidays.

Slip and Fall

The holiday season happens to fall right in the middle of the freezing cold winter. The chances of slipping on ice are quite good if you are out and about during these harsh winter days.

While businesses do their best to keep ice off their walkways and out of their parking lots, they will never be able to keep up with all the slippery surfaces out there. Make sure to wear shoes or boots that are appropriate for the conditions, some with a good grip on the bottom to help you stay upright on those icy walks. Always be vigilant and watch where you’re walking. Take your time and be careful so that you do not end up being one of the many personal injury claims we see each year from slips and falls.


Grease fires while frying turkeys continue to be high on the list of reasons people burn themselves on Thanksgiving. Any extra precautions you can take to keep yourself safe and free from a Turkey mishap and burn will be well worth your time.

We are all cooking more during the winter months and holiday season and so chances of being burned are easily increased in the kitchen as well. We’re so often in a rush and multitask too many things at once that we forget to be careful, take extra time, and keep ourselves safe.

Candles are often another hazard during the cold winter months. They can bring such a fun atmosphere and yummy smell, but they are often left unattended and forgotten about, resulting in fires and burns. Consider using a wax warmer instead of having a lit flame this winter. While it may not give you the same warm fuzzies, you can still enjoy the beautiful smells much more safely.

Food Poisoning

With all the get-togethers and celebrations happening that involve food, there is sure to be some food poisoning involved at some point. This is because there are so many “cooks in the kitchen” bringing different foods to parties and probably not keeping things as cool as they should or cooking things quite long enough. As a result, the risk of food poisoning increases tenfold.

Many people also tend to visit restaurants and meet up with friends more during the winter. With an increased number of people and stressed kitchen staff, normally organized and well-kept kitchens and routines go by the wayside. Food poisoning can be the result here as well. Not a happy ending to a fun celebration!

Car Accidents

Unfortunately, car accidents are part of the holiday season as well. In fact, it’s one of the most common personal injury risks and claims we see. Whiplash, broken bones, sprains, burns, and death can all be the result, often because of someone else’s negligence.

Make a conscious effort to put your phone down as you drive, leave extra time to get where you’re going, and pay attention to the road instead of the holiday décor and happenings. Also, be sure that you have not had a drink or two at a party, and then get behind the wheel.

Winter weather, of course, plays a part too. If possible, refrain from driving during those nasty storms. If you are headed to Grandma’s a distance away, plan to travel on good weather days and, most of all… slow down.


During Thanksgiving time, much is going on, including changes in the weather that we haven’t quite gotten used to yet. Many people who are not used to exerting themselves are found shoveling snow, lifting heavy Christmas trees, hauling big holiday decor, and getting up on high places like roofs that they should not be. All these things seem necessary, but is it a risk you’re willing to take?

Winter Sport Accidents

There are so many fun activities to take part in during the winter months, especially while the family is all together for Thanksgiving! Skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, snowmobiling, and sledding can all be a blast… until something goes wrong.

Sometimes there are accidents, but other times negligence is involved on the part of others, resulting in injury. Take extra care by wearing safety equipment and watching out for others.

Are You the Victim of a Personal Injury Risk?

If a personal injury occurs to you or a loved one this Thanksgiving, some initial steps should be taken immediately. Please note: many of these only apply to injuries that take place on other property or places of business.

  1. Obtain medical treatment if needed. Even if you don’t think you need to see a doctor, having medical documentation about your accident can help if you were to file a personal injury claim later on.
  2. Alert the police, security, or property owner of the injury.
  3. Contact Gainsburgh, Benjamin, David, Meunier & Warshauer, L.L.C. at (504) 522-2304 to obtain legal guidance.
  4. Let your attorney take care of the legal matters while you heal and get back to your celebrations.

We know that every situation and injury is different, and if it occurred at your friend’s or family’s home, you could feel as though you’re in an awkward position. Through the property owners’ insurance and help on your attorney’s part, involvement can be held to a minimum, keeping your friendship intact.

Personal injury risk and the claims that follow are what the attorneys at Gainsburgh, Benjamin, David, Meunier & Warshauer, L.L.C. are here for. Leaving you to focus on celebrating and being with your family. Call us at (504) 522-2304 to learn more.