Fireworks Injury: What Are Your Rights?


Even though the 4th of July is over, some people are still recovering after a fireworks injury on the holiday. In the United States, big shows and private firework lightings are a traditional way to celebrate our nation’s independence. As fun as it is to watch a breathtaking show, the bursts that illuminate the sky can cause serious injury if something goes wrong.

Every year, emergency rooms across the country are ready with extra staffing because it’s common for firework injuries to happen. This fun tradition is a great way to share the holiday with friends and family. But, at the same time, lit fireworks can be a serious threat – even when you are using legal fireworks.

Even something as simple as a sparkler can cause an injury, affecting a person for the rest of their life. Did you know that some sparklers burn hot enough to melt certain metals? So it’s no wonder that serious injuries occur when people are reckless when using any type of firework.

Annual Fireworks Injuries

Fireworks injuries aren’t isolated. Every year, we see people who are hurt. Some people are fighting life-threatening injuries in the burn units at the hospitals.

Even if you recover from a fireworks injury, the burn can result in permanent scarring. These issues leave cosmetic problems you will have to deal with for the rest of your life. Additionally, scars can affect physical movement and even have a debilitating impact.

You never think that your life can change in a moment. But poor handling of fireworks can cause severe injuries that affect your health and wellness for years to come.

Legal Help After a Fireworks Injury

If you or a loved one receives an injury from a fireworks accident, then the best thing you can do is seek legal support. Our team of attorneys can assist in filing a case to help you access available compensation. This money is essential to cover your medical bills, ongoing treatments, and even pay for lost wages. In addition, depending on the severity of the injury, you might be entitled to pain and suffering compensation as well.

When an accident happens, you should focus on your recovery without worrying about the financial impact of your injury. Instead, your attorney takes the lead, helping to reduce your stress during this challenging time.

Interesting Facts About Fireworks Injuries

Here are a few fascinating details about fireworks injuries in the United States, according to CNN:

  • Cause of Injuries: Firecrackers are the #1 cause of most fireworks injuries, with Roman candles coming in 2nd place and bottle rockets landing in 3rd
  • Men vs. Women: Statistics show that men are at a higher risk of getting injured by fireworks than women. In 2018, approximately 64% of the injured patients were men and only 36% women.
  • Age of Injury: Younger people are more likely to sustain a fireworks injury. About half of all injuries happen to patients under the age of 20.
  • Body Parts Injured: The most common parts of the body that received an injury by fireworks are the hands/fingers, accounting for 28% of injuries. In addition, 4% of injuries are on the arms, 19% on the eyes, 15% on the face/head/neck, and 24% on the legs.

Even though each injury is unique, there are common themes with these injuries. For example, the heat of the firework often causes severe burns. As a result, many patients with serious injuries end up in the burn unit at the hospital.

Legal Options After a Fireworks Injury

What are your legal options after you sustain a firework injury? The first thing you need to know: don’t attempt a DIY approach with your case. You need an experienced, knowledgeable attorney to help you gather the evidence and negotiate on your behalf. Skipping legal services means that you could be missing out on thousands of dollars in available compensation.

In some situations, insurance coverage is available. As a result, your attorney will be working with the insurance adjuster to seek a settlement out of court. If you can’t reach an agreement, it might be necessary to file a lawsuit to access the compensation you deserve.

Regardless of whether your case goes to court, you always need legal representation to protect your interests. Your attorney understands the court systems and how the legal proceedings work. Consult with a team of experts so you can rely on their experience.

Eligibility for a Personal Injury Claim

It requires a few factors to qualify for fireworks injury compensation. Your attorney will help you review all of these details to determine if you have a case that is worth pursuing. For example, your success in filing a claim depends on factors such as:

  • Location of where you were when the injury happened
  • A person or entity responsible for the injury
  • Severity of the injury
  • Recovery time necessary after being injured
  • Whether you incurred medical costs for treatment

Examples of Personal Injury Claims

Here are a few examples to help you see how you might be eligible for compensation for your fireworks injury:

  • Private Home: If the injury happened when you were at a friend’s or family member’s home, you probably don’t want to sue the person for compensation. Instead, you might be able to tap into their homeowner’s insurance policy to pay for the medical bills.
  • Passerby: When the injury occurs as an innocent passerby, you might have the option to file a personal injury claim against the homeowner’s insurance of the home from where the firework originated.
  • Defective Product: When an injury happens because of a defective product, one option is to use a product liability claim against the manufacturer, retailer, or distributor. For example, if a firework explodes instantly instead of running the fuse, then an injury to your hand could be grounds to file a personal injury claim.
  • City Event: Many cities or counties put on big fireworks shows. These professional displays are usually safe. But if a firework accidentally shoots into the crowd and causes injury, you may or may not be able to file a personal injury claim. Some cities have sovereign immunity, which means they can’t be held liable for the injury.

Talk to a Legal Team About Your Injury

Each situation is unique, which is why your best course of action is to talk to a legal team about your case. Reach out to us at Gainsburgh, Benjamin, David, Meunier & Warshauer, L.L.C. to learn more about how we can assist with your personal injury claim. Call (504) 522-2304.