Facility outside Louisiana accused of nursing negligence

When a medical patient suffers injury or illness due to a care provider’s neglect, he or she may have grounds for filing a personal injury claim in court. Nursing negligence is problematic in many Louisiana areas, as well as throughout the nation. One patient is apparently suing a rehabilitation center after suffering injury while receiving care there.

The man reportedly suffered several falls at the same facility over a period of several weeks. He claims the center failed to keep its premises safe, thereby failing to provide him with appropriate medical care. The patient also alleges that his injuries were so severe that he had to undergo hip arthroplasty surgery as a result.

In the personal injury claim he has filed against the rehabilitation center, the man has requested $50,000 in damages. When similar claims have been successful, plaintiffs have been ordered compensation that was then used to cover medical costs and other expenses related to their injuries. A personal injury attorney is able to provide information as to the maximum amount of compensation to which a claimant may be entitled.

Anyone who has suffered injury through nursing negligence in Louisiana may request a consultation with a medical malpractice attorney to begin the legal process of filing a claim against those believed responsible for the injury. Damages often include not only the physical trauma caused by an incident, but emotional pain and suffering, loss of wages and other types of loss. Injured patients are advised to retain legal assistance as soon as possible after an injury has taken place.

Source: cookcountyrecord.com, “Patient accuses Bridgeview nursing care facility of negligence“, Louie Torres, May 24, 2016