Louisiana parents may have questions after birth injuries occur

The birth of a baby is typically a joyful event in the life of a family who has been eagerly anticipating the arrival. Sadly, many such milestones in Louisiana hospitals and other medical facilities throughout the nation become tragic rather than happy when birth injuries occur. A parent whose child has suffered a severe birth injury may want answers from those involved regarding whether doctor errors or other negligent actions were perhaps significant factors in the incident.

Many birth injuries may have been prevented if medical staff members had not deviated from standard and accepted forms of care and treatment. Such guidelines and regulations exist to keep patients as safe as possible. When a doctor, nurse or other health care provider is negligent, the results can be disastrous.

Shoulder dystocia and cerebral palsy are two types of injuries sometimes associated with negligent medical care. Successful deliveries often hinge upon the knowledge, skill and experience of the attending medical staff. Trauma can often be averted if a medical team knows how to avoid potential complications.

All sorts of details may be taken into account if a concerned parent requests an investigation into the events that led to a baby’s injury. Whether a birth occurred vaginally or through C-section, whether the medical assistant was a doctor or midwife, and whether the infant had exhibited any signs of fetal distress before birth are some of the many factors that might be probed by investigators. In addition to care provided before and during an infant’s birth, the time immediately following the child’s delivery may also be reviewed to determine whether anything seems to have gone awry. A Louisiana parent seeking answers to these or other questions regarding birth injuries may contact an experienced medical malpractice attorney for assistance.

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