Many Louisiana families devastated by nursing negligence

nursing negligence

Losing a loved one under natural circumstances is difficult enough, not to mention the added grief associated with knowing a family member’s death may have been prevented. Nursing negligence is a problem in many areas, as evidenced by one recent lawsuit filed outside the state of Louisiana by the executor of a deceased woman’s estate. It is alleged that the woman’s death was caused by substandard medical care in the nursing home where she had been residing. When a loved one has been entrusted to the care of medical professionals who fail in their duties, anger and frustration are understandable reactions.

The plaintiff has alleged that the defendants were negligent in their supervision and care for the patient. Apparently, she suffered from serious skin breakdown and multiple pressure sores. These issues are claimed to have been causal factors in her death.

The estate executor is seeking financial accountability against the nursing and rehabilitation center located in Chicago. A jury trial has been requested. Specific details regarding damages were not available other than the fact that a monetary judgment exceeding $50,000 has been sought.

Many in Louisiana are familiar with the utter devastation wrought upon families whose loved ones have died due to nursing negligence. In addition to the obvious sorrow that accompanies the death of a family member, such situations often result in significant monetary losses. Many are unprepared to face the exorbitant costs typically associated with funeral expenses, unpaid medical bills and other related issues. An experienced medical malpractice attorney is often able to achieve successful results that provide compensation that can be used to help alleviate such debt.

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