Seeking full recovery for damages caused by surgical errors

surgical error

There is a certain amount of risk inherent in any type of surgical procedure. Doctors, nurses and other medical staff members are obligated to adhere to strict protocol and accepted standards in order to protect the safety of patients inasmuch as it is reasonably possible. In Louisiana and other hospitals throughout the nation, patients continue to suffer often devastating injuries due to surgical errors that in many cases could have been prevented.

Many medical patients have experienced the trauma of awakening from surgery to learn that they have suffered serious, if not permanent, injuries due to surgical mistakes. Often, such injuries require additional surgeries and/or long-term medical care in recovery. Such care can lead to tremendous financial debt that a patient was not prepared to face.

The attorneys at Gainsburgh, Benjamin, David, Meunier & Warshauer, L.L.C., are dedicated to fighting on the behalves of medically injured victims to help them seek full monetary recoveries for their losses. We have successfully obtained full and fair settlements and secured many verdicts for clients who have suffered injuries during surgery and various other forms of medical malpractice. We are also committed to serving families who have suffered the untimely deaths of loved ones in similar situations.

For 70 years, Gainsburgh, Benjamin, David, Meunier & Warshauer, L.L.C., has been conducting thorough investigations and providing compelling evidence and testimonies in court to help our clients accomplish their legal goals. When patients suffer injuries from surgical errors in Louisiana hospitals, we consider it a legal priority and do our best to help them seek the justice they deserve. If you have questions about the process of filing a legal claim against a party or parties believed responsible for your medical injury, you may call our office to request a meeting.