6 Top Causes of Car Accidents During the Holidays

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The end of the year brings about exciting holidays, festivities, and get-togethers. It’s a wonderful time to celebrate and appreciate one another and all that we love. Although it is a thrilling time, we begin to feel the cold weather creep in as well as an increase in car accidents. The top causes of car accidents during the holidays can’t just be the holidays themselves. Is it a coincidence?

What is it about the holidays that brings about more car crashes? Is it simply about more people being out on the roads with their shopping, visits to friends and family, or attending parties? Let’s find out more about the top causes of car accidents during the holidays.

Factors Impacting and Causing Car Accidents During the Holidays

The number of car accidents that occur during the holidays significantly increases during some of the most celebratory days of the year. The following are the 6 top causes of car accidents during the holidays.

  1. Increased Amount of Drunk Drivers

As people attend all their holiday parties, many drink alcohol, and this increase in drinking can lead to drunk driving and, in turn, car accidents. Some drivers may not seem too impaired to drive, but they may still be too compromised for their judgment to be intact, as well as their ability to respond quickly to situations on the road. Even the vision of drunk drivers can be poorly affected.

According to the National Safety Council, in 2019, alcohol-impaired deaths represented 28% of total traffic deaths in the United States. Unfortunately, that’s too many lives that have been ended by something that could have been entirely avoided.

Simply put, drinking and driving, or driving under the influence, is illegal and can result in some hefty fines, possible jail time, increased insurance costs, possible loss of employment, and potentially strained relationships with others. This doesn’t even begin to mention the risk of harm that can be done to the drunk driver and those around them. In many cases, drunk driving can cost lives.

  1. More Cars on the Road

We all know there seem to be more cars on the road as we hurry about to get our special errands done in preparation for the upcoming festivities. While everyone is out and about, this increase in traffic can lead to more chances and opportunities for car crashes to occur.

Although the increased number of drivers on the road can lead to frustration and annoyance, staying calm and collected can go a long way in getting you to your destination safely. Leave yourself extra time to get where you need to be so that you can travel calmly and carefully.

  1. Visiting Drivers on Unfamiliar Roads

We’ve all had family and friends come to visit during the holiday season, or maybe you’ve been one of those visitors yourself. It can be tricky navigating unfamiliar roads, especially when they are already crowded and full of busy, uptight drivers running around to complete their many tasks.

When the area and roads are unfamiliar and new to drivers, the chances of car accidents are higher. Trying to be a courteous driver and watching out for those that may be unaccustomed to your town traffic flow can be a massive help in reducing possible crashes.

  1. Increased Stress Levels

Do you ever feel like the holidays and the stress that comes with them can bring out the worst in you? Keeping up with all that you desire to do can be challenging and highly overwhelming. Trying to make it to that holiday sale you’ve been waiting for, getting to a party across town, or grabbing a last-minute gift can be overwhelming. Unfortunately, this only adds to the stress that so many of us are feeling during the holidays. While driving, this stress can result in road rage, distracted drivers, speeding motorists, and horrific consequences.

This year, when you get behind the wheel, take a deep breath and try not to bring your stress onto the road with you. You and those around you will benefit, possibly with their lives.

  1. Tired Drivers

With so many demands on us during the holiday season, it’s no wonder why tired drivers are one of the most common causes of car crashes during this time. After all the decorating, cooking, shopping, parties, and more, you’re sure to be exhausted! Remember, driving when you’re tired or exhausted is a lot like driving when you’re drunk. Kind of scary to think about, right? Your body cannot react as quickly, and your judgment is significantly impaired. So just don’t do it!

  1. Dangerous Weather Conditions

Many areas across the United States have some brutal winter weather conditions. These conditions, unfortunately, fall during the holiday season. Snow, ice, and wind are a dangerous combination, leading to some very treacherous road conditions.

It can be especially dangerous if visiting family and friends are unfamiliar with driving in snowy road conditions. If this is the case, encourage them to either let others drive or stay somewhere safe until things clear up.

It’s important to stay home until a storm has passed rather than trying to beat the odds on the dangerous roads, even if you are familiar with snowy road conditions. Getting to a party is not important enough to risk your life or the lives of your friends and loved ones. Make wise decisions before going out on the road during poor weather this holiday season!

Stay Safe This Season

Make sure to avoid these 6 top causes of car accidents during the holidays by using your best judgment, leaving yourself extra time, and simply slowing down. At Gainsburgh, Benjamin, David, Meunier & Warshauer, L.L.C., we want you to stay safe during the holidays. If you are in an accident, take comfort in knowing we are ready to help during the holidays or any time throughout the year. We are committed to providing you with the superior legal services you need when you need them. Call us at (504) 522-2304 for more information today.